Past Event

AI and Robotics in Construction Workshop at the European Robotics Forum (ERF) 2024

13 Mar 2024, 16:30-17:50
Palacongressi Rimini
Via della Fiera 23 - Rimini, Italy

BEEYONDERS will newly participate in the European Robotics Forum in Rimini (Italy) from 13th to 15th of March 2024.

The ERF is the main hub for keeping up to date with the leading experts, both industrial and academics, in the field of robotics, and it is specifically designed to encourage interaction between end-users, researchers, technology producers with the ultimate goal of improving industrial competitiveness, fostering scientific progress, stimulating networking between stakeholders in the field, and identifying new impactful application scenarios for robotics.

BEEYONDERS, together with its sister projects HUMANTECH and Robetarme, will host a workshop on AI and Robotics in construction, which will discuss the following questions:

– What are the most important applications for AI and Robotics in Construction, and which are the main technological challenges that need to be addressed in this scope?

–  What are the most important benefits of AI and Robotics in Construction? Is the future full robotic automation or human-robot collaboration?

– How can AI and Robotics solutions in construction be acceptable to both construction companies and workers? What needs to be done in the next years to this end?

– What are some unexpected challenges during implementation after one year of the projects and are there any user insights that we have collected in the projects?

The workshop aims to highlight the potential benefits of AI and robotics in achieving automation in construction, based on R&D activities performed within ongoing Horizon Europe projects.

The workshop will comprise of two parts, a series of speeches from technical experts, and an open panel with collaborative feedback from the attendees.

Here is the detailed agenda for the session:

Min 0-2 Welcome and Intro by organizers
Min 3-22 Presentations of projects HumanTech, Beeyonders, RobetArme by the coordinators
Min 23 – 53: Advances in Robot Vision, Navigation, Control and HRI towards new robotic solutions in construction :
•    RobotVision in RobetArme (Renaud Detry, KU Leuven)
•    Human-Robot Interfaces in Construction (HumanTech – SINTEF – Dr. Gabor Sziebig)
•    Robot Vision in Autonomous Machinery (BEEYONDERS – ITAINNOVA – Dra. María Teresa Lázaro)
54 – 64 min : Insights from the first user evaluation in HumanTech (Baua – Patricia Rosen).
65 – 75 min: Round table  – Lessons learned and challenges from robotic projects in construction
•    Prof. Herman Bruyninckx (KU Leuven)
•    Dr. Gabor Sziebig (SINTEF)
•    Dr. Sascha Wischniewski (Baua)
•    José Carlos Jiménez-Fernández (Tecnalia)
•    Mr. Alberto Landini (STAM)
76-80 min: Feedback round with attendees

Download the brochure at the following link for more information on the programme, speakers and the workshop.

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