Past Event

Promoting circularity in construction – Clustering event

28 Feb 2024, 13:00-14:30

In this clustering event, sustainability experts and key stakeholders in construction, IT,  automation, business and communication disciplines will be brought together to provide an overview of the European priorities for the Twin Transition in the sector and identify collaboration opportunities between five research initiatives with similar goals. 

Representatives of the projects Beeyonders, CircularB Cost Action, Reincarnate, RobetArme and Valrec will join their counterparts in the RECONMATIC project, in a discussion panel that will pave the path to independent collaboration workshops on specific research topics.

This clustering event will contribute to narrowing the gap between the research community and industry stakeholders who are invited to share their hurdles and experiences in implementing circularity along various construction life cycle stages. Given the high potential social impact of the project on European society, this event is open to the general public.

Draft Agenda

  • Welcome & Introduction, 5′
  • Twin Transition in Construction: Umbrella of Synergies , 20′
  • Presentation and Panel Discussion on similarities between participating projects, 40′
  • Future Research Dissemination and Conference Opportunities, 15′
  • Conclusions & Closure, 5′


Contact Reconmatic project representatives to learn how you can participate and stay tuned on Linkedin and X (Twitter) for updates and the registration link coming out soon.


Photo by SevenStorm JUHASZIMRUS