BEEYONDERS first newsletter

Published On 23 February 2023

During these first months, the project has set the baseline for its activities, including the establishment of the main requirements. Find out more about BEEYONDERS in this first newsletter.

Dear reader,

Welcome to BEEYONDERS first newsletter. The project is one of the first to be funded under the new Horizon Europe framework, the EU’s key funding programme for research and innovation.

BEEYONDERS is about bringing technological solutions already used in other industries to the European construction sector. The aim is to help the industry perform better, improve workers’ conditions and reduce its environmental impact.

The project started 9 months ago with 21 partners from 9 countries, including large companies and SMEs, academia, technological centres, and associations. We are all keen to improve Europe’s technological sovereignty. To do this, we will seek to improve processes, integrate challenging technology and also rethink the sector to make it more attractive to younger workers and, in general, more human-centred.

These first months were essential to set the baseline of the project – for example, we established its main requirements. The final aim of the project is to demonstrate the technology developed in six use cases across Europe: 1. Tunnel construction (Spain), 2. Road construction (Italy), 3. Maritime construction – 1 (Spain), 4. Maritime construction – 2 (The Netherlands), 5. Building construction (Finland), and 6. Road maintenance (Italy).

However, we’re not alone in this endeavour: we count on your interest in our project and we’ve reached out to our fellow projects HumanTech and RoBétArmé, funded under the same topic. Together, we will participate in the next European Robotics Forum 2023 (ERF) in Denmark.

This newsletter will be issued every 6 months. In addition to project updates, it will feature advances in technology, scientific papers, articles and events.

You can also follow BEEYONDERS’ journey towards a more human and technological Europe on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Best wishes,

Antonio Alonso Cepeda
BEEYONDERS coordinator
ACCIONA Construction

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