BEEYONDERS third newsletter

Published On 12 June 2024

The project is entering a crucial phase with the start of tests in real-world environments for the developed technologies. Check out the latest edition of the newsletter to find out more.

Dear reader,

Welcome to the third edition of the BEEYONDERS newsletter, where we bring you the latest updates on the project’s progress.

In this edition, we focus not only on recent achievements but also on the exciting steps ahead. In June, we are launching the activities within the six identified pilots, where the technologies developed so far in BEEYONDERS will be tested and validated. The demonstration activities will include:

  • Showcasing the use of wearables, drones and exoskeletons on a construction site in Helsinki, Finland.
  • Testing innovative structural designs for maritime caisson shapes in Spain, alongside developing caisson surfaces that promote the settlement of marine biodiversity.
  • In the Netherlands, the newly developed Digital Twin of an environmentally friendly push-in pile system, designed for low noise and vibration, will undergo testing. This innovation results from a close collaboration between Japanese equipment manufacturer Giken Ltd and BEEYONDERS.
  • On the A24 highway in Florence, Italy, ground and aerial autonomous navigation vehicles, as well as Digital Twin technology, will be demonstrated.
  • In Rome, Italy, a road maintenance test will utilize drones andground autonomous vehicles to automate inspection, maintenance, and surveillance tasks.
  • Finally, in the tunnel works in León, Spain, autonomous and teleoperated ground and aerial robotic solutions will be applied to construction machinery.

This is a crucial phase for the project, as highlighted by the project coordinator, Antonio Alonso Cepeda:

The time has come to showcase the work accomplished over the past months. Implementing new solutions in real-world environments is always complex and challenging due to technical difficulties and collaboration with human workers. However, we are confident that we will achieve positive results“.

Stay tuned and follow our work on the project’s social media channels (LinkedIn & X). In the meantime, we invite you to read this edition of the newsletter, hoping you will find it interesting.

With kind regards,

Sofia Finzi and Davide Valenti
BEEYONDERS communication managers,
Fondazione ICONS


Picture courtesy of Ralph Ravi Kayden, Unsplash