Celebrating BEEYONDERS first anniversary

Published On 13 July 2023

One year full of achievements, collaboration, and innovation has passed since the start of BEEYONDERS: discover about our first achievements and the work carried out so far

Thanks to the dedication and collaboration among project partners, this first year of activity has allowed BEEYONDERS the set the baseline to drive innovation within the European construction sector. As we celebrate the first anniversary of our project, we take this chance to share the achievements we have accomplished along the way.

First, coordination, coherence, and alignment, from the requirements to the demonstrators, have been successfully ensured.  To support this, two informative visits have been organized: in Spain, the partners involved in autonomous ground location and navigation, drone systems, machinery, and digital twin development conducted a preliminary 3D LIDAR scanning. In Denmark, we visited the headquarters of COBOD, gathering valuable insights into 3D printing and its implementation.

Then, we established comprehensive general and technical requirements, serving as a foundation for our use cases’ demonstrations. These requirements have also guided the definition of economic, technical, social, and environmental Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that will measure the benefits and advantages of the breakthrough technologies developed within BEEYONDERS.

The project’s defined Digital Twin Architecture offers a flexible and scalable approach tailored to each use case and related technology. The architecture includes data integration sources, a web-based interface for real-time and processed data, BIM updating processes, and intelligent input/output services that convert captured data into designated KPIs.

Furthermore, we have defined the technical interfaces between autonomous vehicles, collaborative robotics, and the Digital Twin. Also, we developed a simulation pipeline to test algorithms in autonomous vehicles, with a focus on reinforcement learning for the wheel loader’s loading and unloading tasks.  Additionally, a set of sensors has been selected to ensure reliable perception systems, even in low visibility conditions.

Information from use cases and technical partners has been collected to initiate the development of a prototype for exoskeletons and smart wearables. Communication between these technologies was established, facilitating data gathering and processing within the Digital Twin.

Moreover, significant progress has been made in developing a groundbreaking 3D printable caisson design. This innovative approach has the potential to generate substantial savings in construction materials, making construction processes more sustainable and cost-effective.

Our dissemination and communication efforts have successfully raised awareness of the project through various channels, including releasing a project video. A solid collaboration has been established with our sister projects to reach a wider audience and share our results.

These achievements reflect our dedication to driving innovation in the European construction industry. As we move forward, we are excited and confident about BEEYONDERS potential to achieve even greater milestones and create a durable impact.

Antonio Alonso Cepeda, BEEYONDERS Project Coordinator shares his optimism, stating, “After the first year, the foundations of BEEYONDERS have been established. The project is on track according to the planned schedule, and collaboration among partners is smooth. We are optimistic as we enter the second year to develop challenging technologies for the construction sector.”

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