Discussing the present and future of AI and Robotics in Construction 

Published On 21 March 2023

BEEYONDERS and its sister projects took part in the European Robotics Forum with a joint workshop

The workshop “AI and Robotics in Construction” took place on 15 March at the European Robotics Forum 2023, in Odense. From the heart of innovation in the world of robotics, BEEYONDERS, HumanTech and Robétarmé presented the key technologies they are creating and testing to digitalize and pioneer the European construction industry.

In his presentation, BEEYONDERS project coordinator, Antonio Alonso Cepeda, stressed that innovating the construction sector is essential not only to increase the safety of workers but also to motivate young workers to join an industry that today is considered as unattractive.

Digitization and the use of Artificial Intelligence are key to reaching this objective. However, according to Fernando Sigchos Jimenez, President of EBC, digitisation is to be considered an enabler of the innovation of the sector, not a goal per se.

ERF serves as a key platform for stakeholders in the European robotics community to come together to discuss the latest trends and developments in the field. Through its focus on promoting innovation and collaboration, the forum plays a crucial role in advancing the field of robotics and shaping the construction sector. The forum has been a great occasion for BEEYONDERS, HumanTech and Robétarmé to exchange views and opinions about the present and future of AI and Robotics in construction.

If you missed this event, please check our Twitter channel @beeyondersEU and follow our cluster hashtag #Tech4EuConstruction for upcoming joint events!