Human-centric innovation and skills for safety in construction

Published On 10 May 2024

A recent collaborative article by EBC, Tecnalia Research & Innovation, and Sci-track delves into the seamless integration of human-robot collaboration technologies to support workers and companies in addressing skill shortages in the European construction industry.

Exoskeletons, connected wearables and augmented/virtual reality tools are entering the European construction sector, bringing a futuristic vibe akin to scenes from sci-fi movies. However, their primary aim extends beyond cinematic charm to enhancing sustainability, safety and efficiency, thereby revolutionizing construction sites into advanced, safer and more inclusive environments.

The featured BUILD UP articleHuman-centric innovation and skills for safety in construction“, issued in the context of the European Year of Skills, highlights the significant progress achieved through the BEEYONDERS and HumanTech projects in exploring the realm of Human Robot Collaboration (HRC). These solutions pave the way for transformative advancements within the construction industry, prioritizing both human well-being and operational effectiveness.

After briefly analysing the various technologies developed by the two projects, the article shifts its focus to the challenge of promoting greater user acceptance of these technologies. This involves integrating human-centred design principles and innovative training approaches to facilitate the use of these advanced tools.

Discover the technologies that are building the present and future of the EU construction sector.

Read the complete article at this link.


Image credits: Saad Salim, Unsplash