Meet Our Tech – Unveiling BEEYONDERS technologies: the Exoskeleton

Published On 07 September 2023

BEEYONDERS Exoskeleton revolutionizes age inclusion and gender equality in the European construction sector by reducing the worker’s effort in daily activities. Discover more in our new BEEYONDERS technology series.

We are excited to open our new series on BEEYONDERS technologies – Meet our Tech – with the Exoskeleton and its impact on the European construction industry. This technology is proving to be a game-changer in the sector by physically supporting construction workers, improving their well-being, inclusion, and productivity.

Exoskeletons are advanced wearable devices designed to enhance a person’s physical capabilities. They are being developed by one of BEEYONDERS’ partners, the Italian Institute of Technology – IIT (Genova, Italy), which has undertaken a worker-friendly approach to create a system that meets the users’ needs and demands. The exoskeleton combines mechanical equipment and wearable sensors with an advanced control algorithm, offering targeted help to the user in performing numerous tasks on construction sites and reducing the risk of injury. It is also constantly reviewed by the user, which can directly contribute to the improvement of its performance, comfort, and ergonomics.

Nowadays, the European construction industry is being challenged by issues that weigh down its competitiveness, including an aging workforce, an inability to attract young workers, and gender inequality. When asked about the social impact of BEEYONDERS exoskeleton, Christian Di Natali, head of their development at IIT, answered: “Workers’ health is a critical aspect that must be preserved in the long term. A supporting device, such as an industrial exoskeleton, puts the workers’ safety and working conditions ahead, which is essential for the future industry that considers inclusion, sustainability, and waste reduction”.

BEEYONDERS exoskeleton efficacy will be demonstrated, together with other technologies, in the building construction pilot located in Helsinki (Finland). There, it will be used to gather useful information on how to prevent accidents at work and improve the general well-being of workers. New technology innovations are key to transforming the European construction industry, and the BEEYONDERS exoskeleton has the potential to address long-standing issues. The industry is poised for a safer, more efficient, and technology-driven future.
These achievements represent just a glimpse of the innovative approaches undertaken by BEEYONDERS.

Stay tuned and follow our Meet our Tech series to learn more about the exoskeleton and the rest of our technologies.

Image credits: Back-support exoskeleton (StreamEXO) developed at the Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT) within the EU H2020 project STREAM, GA 101015418.