Tech4EUConstruction cluster launches the “Words of Innovation” campaign

Published On 27 September 2023

What's a digital twin? What is meant by the word "automation" and "environmental impact"? The words of innovation social media campaign aims to clarify the meaning of these now everyday words and why these are relevant for the Tech4EUCluster.

Follow the Tech4EUConstruction Cluster’s “Words of Innovation” campaign taking place on LinkedIn and Twitter and explore the latest advances in technology used in the construction sector.

A team of experts, drawn from the funding projects of the Tech4EUConstruction Cluster (BEEYONDERS, HumanTech and Robétarmé), will delve deeper into the contemporary European construction industry starting from the keywords of their daily work…explained in a clear and simple manner.

Stay tuned to gain insights into the technologies driving the Tech4EUConstruction Cluster’s innovative efforts. 

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