Tech4EUconstruction Cluster: revolutionizing the construction sector together

Published On 27 June 2023

We are excited to announce that BEEYONDERS, RoBétArmé, and HumanTech have joined forces to form a collaborative cluster. Together, these three EU-funded projects are boarding on an exciting journey to address key challenges of the EU construction sector.

Funded by the European Commission, the cluster members aim to develop and demonstrate new technologies to further digitalize and automatize the European construction sector, increasing its safety and attractivity for workers. Finally, the cluster seeks to stimulate the EU’s sovereignty in the industry, decreasing the need for technological imports.

BEEYONDERS’ core ambition is to address the challenges hampering the EU’s competitiveness in the construction sector by producing, commercializing and integrating beyond the state-of-the-art solutions into real construction scenarios. To do so, the project will make extensive use of AI, automation, and digitisation.

RoBétArmé, seeks to revolutionize Construction 4.0 by automating labor-intensive tasks in shotcrete application, targeting improved safety, productivity, and sustainability in the construction industry. To this end RoBétArmé will deliver a Human-robot collaborative construction system for shotcrete digitalization and automation through advanced perception, cognition, mobility and additive manufacturing skills. 

HumanTech aims to overcome major challenges in the European construction sector by achieving significant advances in cutting-edge technologies. Its objective is to establish a safe, rewarding, and digitally-enabled work environment that caters to the requirements of highly skilled construction workers and engineers, while simultaneously enhancing workforce well-being, productivity, and resource efficiency

A joint visual identity and logo have been created to strengthen our collaboration and facilitate our recognition by our key stakeholders. This represents our shared vision and commitment towards the creation of breakthrough technologies supporting technological sovereignty in construction. 



Stay tuned and follow our hashtag #Tech4EUconstruction for updates on our joint activities as we work together to shape the EU construction landscape.